Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Finished these a couple of weeks ago. A deep unit for 'To the Strongest' made up of Wargames Foundry figures.

Friday, April 10, 2020

A new couple of units.

Its been a while since the last completed figures moved off the painting table.

This lot are VICTRIX Gallic cavalry. I'm still not convinced on plastic figures but this lot didn't seem so bad, actually I was very impressed with the horses.

Shields LBM. 

Even though they are Gallic I chickened out on trying to paint the chequered patterns. Just the odd stripes here and there.

12 figures in the packet which gives me 2 units for "To the Strongest" rules and a couple of spares to be used as sub generals or heroes.




Saturday, December 7, 2019

Project finished...........well, sort of.

 Nice little group of Afrika Korp vehicles to choose from now for a game of Bolt Action. This lot are resin Blitzkreig Miniatures.

 50mm anti-tank gun from Warlord Games.

 A resin 3D printed 25pdr and ammo trailer. I have some German crew for this but they are based individually as I will use this for my Aussies later. (Future project maybe).

 And a selection of infantry, command and heavy weapons teams. These were all completed in the last few months.
 The HMG and Rommel are Warlord and the rest are Artizan Designs. I followed the colour scheme from a tutorial on 'Paint all the Minis'
Have a look, its a great site. https://www.paintalltheminis.com/

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Not much has been happening on the painting desk for a while.
I finally finished off a unit of Vikings. These are second hand, so did a bit of a repaint and added a few shield designs.
This is supposed to represent a deep unit for TtS rules so its really the base depth that matters. I tried squeezing a few more minis on the base but then it looked really crowded and a bit of a pain with the spears pointing in all directions. Now I remember what a pain it was organising all the individual based models on a movement tray for WAB games.

On another note I've been making some headway with my DAK forces.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mini's for Bolt Action

I haven't painted much of late. These are my only efforts for the last few months.

Warlords Mk IV. (1/56th scale)

                                                       Tamiya 1/48th scale kubelwagen

 Warlords Senegalese troops for my French

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ancient Spanish light cavalry

Three units of Spanish light horse based for To the Strongest. Figures are Crusader miniatures and shields by Little Big Men

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ancient Spanish

 A few new units added to the war cabinet for my 'To the Strongest' armies. 
 I have Roman and Carthaginian armies for the Punic wars but no Spanish troops so I thought I had better rectify that.  5 units of Iberian scutarii (Javelinmen)
 4 units of Iberian caetrati (light infantry)


All the figures are "Crusader miniatures" majority of shield transfers are "Littlebigmen"