Saturday, October 27, 2018

On the paint table

The Battle of Akragas - 406BC

I've taken this from the first battle in the Command & Colors:Ancients game. Carthaginian V's Syracusan forces.

I converted the units listed on C&C  using the army lists from To the Strongest and will use To the Strongest rules to play the game

As it worked out, the points come out exactly the same. There are no terrain features for this battle, so just a straight head to head.

Now just have to finish this 10 days straight stint at work and I might manage to get to play it. 

I was one hoplite block short, so 4 units are only 3 deep instead of 4. (doesn't really make at difference as they still operate as a deep unit).  Hence the hoplites on the paint desk .

I guess you can never have enough hoplites.


  1. Very nice. And I agree about Hoplites.

  2. Looking very good indeed Guido.

  3. Command and Colors Ancients is a great game and even more fun when you use figures.

  4. Agree, you can never have enough hoplites...gorgeous hoplites btw!

  5. Great! Like landsknechts,you can never have enough hopolites!
    Best Iain