Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sneek Peek "War of the Roses"

And now for something completely different. I've had a crack at some of the Perry plastics, which are superb figures by the way, just to see how I manage with the paint side of things. I played around with the armour and used a dry brush technique. It looks OK to the naked eye but a bit hit a miss once photographed. A couple of shots with and without the flash.  

 I'm not to sure how to base them as yet, maybe paint a few more up. I tend to paint enough figures for a unit then base them in one hit. The worst thing is gluing the buggers together, good for variety bad for my temperament. Guess I might be ordering the metals soon!!!!

 As for which side to take.............leaning towards Yorkists.
 Oh yeah,......... I've got to purchase some new decent brushes as the faces are quite detailed, ............any suggestions?


  1. I don't think I could cope with gluing them together, especially with my fat sausage fingers. Nice photos though, As for the brushes GW are good although a little expensive.

  2. They're very nice looking though, I use the triangle grip ones you get at shoes for a better grip, none with me at the moment to get a name but I've seen them in model shops aswell.

  3. Great paint job, really like the armour. Don't give up! WOTR is one of my favourite periods and would love to see it a regular feature on your blog.

  4. I like these. Your dry brush technique for the armor looks to me like it worked very well. I don't have any good brushes to recommend; the ones I buy from a local shop work well while they last, but they don't last long at all.

  5. Rosemary and Co.Brushes get my recommendation

    Pure Kolinsky sable, cheaper than GW and fast service.

    Their 33 series are what I got


  6. Thanks for the comments gentlemen, I'll push on and glue some more of these buggers together yet Maybe an order of metals in the near future.
    Ray...dont worry about your fat sausage fingers mate, they're good for holding beers.
    Tom... thanks for the contact, I'll order 1/2 dozen or so and try them out.
    Cheers, Guido.

  7. How long does it take you to finish them?

  8. Love them - WOTR has for me been always an period of interest that hasnt made it to the top of the list. I still think its might get pipped by HYW, but with plastics like this its hard to choose!

    Great Job!