Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aventine Roman Cavalry

I guess this is my first wargames post for the year.................only took 26 days. As I've mentioned before, summer in Perth is always a great distraction from the hobby especially when the temp gets to the high 30's. But I do love it, I hate the cold.

Anyway, I've finally finished painting and basing the Aventine Roman Cavalry that I've been working on over the past month. My mate, Chris (, called around yesterday and took a few photographs of the unit with his iPhone. 100% on any photos I've taken. This was before he gave me another thumping in Black Powder, I'm sure a battle report will appear on his blog soon.......................... (Curse those dice, I'm sure my tactics were sound)

Back to the Romans, Aventine figures as mentioned, shield transfers from LBM (purchased through Keith at Aventine with the figures) The static grass and flowers were purchased from:

Now its back to painting the foot sloggers. I also have a unit of Tarentines and mounted command figures from Aventine to complete sometime in the future.



  1. Wow - those are very nicely done. I'm sure they will both strike fear and cause poor morale checks on any opponent they face on the tabletop.

    As for your poor die rolling with BP, I'm sure it's just a crafty strategy on your part to make your opponent over confident for that next battle - the one that really counts. At least that's what I say when the dice gods are angry with me!


  2. @ Miles. That's how he suckered me into Wargaming in the first place. The old, "let him win and he'll come back, then give him a flogging"!

    The Cavalry look superb and the photography is exceptional... LOL!

  3. Nice paint work Guido. The figures came out really well. The bronze helmets really stand out.

  4. Miles, striking fear and causing moral checks I doubt, these are the C class troops. But you never know!!

    Cheers for the comments lads.

  5. They look really good! I love the shading on these guys, excellent stuff.

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