Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power of the longbow

Just finished a few longbow figures off for the WotR project. The Perry plastics are beautiful figures and the detail is superb, maybe to good, as I find the faces very difficult to paint. I guess once they're on the board I wont notice them that much.

I haven't used army painter on this lot which has slowed the painting time quite dramatically. I keep eyeballing the box of plastic Gripping Beast Saxons that arrived last week in the post.............mmmmmm army painter should knock them off in no time at all.
Anyway I digress, I've given the archers livery coats in the colours of  William Neville, 1st Earl of Kent, also known as Lord Fauconberg.

Lord Fauconberg's reputation has been summed up in the following words:
"No other veteran of the Anglo-French Wars won such distinction in the Wars of the Roses"

Don't know if that will help me once the dice start rolling!!!.



  1. It rarely does but very good work on those.

  2. Excellent work. The faces may have been difficult, but you've done a great job on them.

  3. Go for the 'good cards' mate!
    They may help you in the end of a game!
    Great painting!

  4. Struggling with a box right now too... I guess I won't do the eyes after all.

  5. I'm new to all this and have just painted my first complete warband. The expense of 28mm is getting to me and trying plastics was suggested, but I'm reluctant believing that they aren't as detailed and may be difficult to paint. Obviously I've assumed wrong?