Monday, June 6, 2011

Finished warband

I managed to finish the bases on the rear ranks and spray them over the weekend. 

So now, combined with the lads in front they fit in nicely.  These figures will portray a unit from one of the 'Kingdoms of Caledonia'.................Pictish, Strathclyde, Scotland etc. One of the benefits of this type of figure is that they are fairly generic and be used from ancient periods to late medieval.

The question is now..................what to do next???


  1. A lovely looking unit, the single blue shield stands out amongst the drab browns, great work!!!

  2. Lovely unit, great work and 20mm WW2.

  3. Very nice work - and very dynamic bases too.

    As you say they can be levies, Saxon fyrd, Pict raiders, Norse thralls - whatever you like!

    Now you need to back them up with some tough Huscarl types!

  4. Thanks boys.
    Paul.......funny you should mention Huscarls, as hopefully the new GB plastic Saxons should be arriving this week. Fingers crossed.

  5. Impressive work Guido. What next? Dystopian Wars?

  6. Beccas....Next.....RotR.....Dystopian Wars...No.

    Thanks Katrina.