Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Break

Arrived home yesterday with the family after a weeks holiday up the coast, about 250km's north of Perth, Western Australia. We stayed at a mate's in-laws beach house, 4 adults, 5 kids, 2 dogs & a cat AND and my mates 6 meter boat, which meant FISHING. I think I'm still rolling with the swell as I sit here.

Anyway, wargaming was forgotten about for a short time as the majority of our waking hours were spent fishing with the occasional beverage in between. The swell and wind dropped off giving us a 3 day window to motor out to the 20km mark offshore to chase the larger fish. (Dhufish and snappers)

                                             Heading out with my son, his mate and the Skipper.

We didnt see any whales this time but plenty of other sea life including dolphins, seals, rays and a few sharks. We managed the hook a number of fish including a couple of 80cm Dhufish. Fishing restrictions are very tight at present, ( which I agree with), as some species have been getting hammered by commercial fishing and greedy bastards over the last number of years.

                                                           Gotta pose when you can!!

We threw a couple of snappers on the BBQ and dined like kings, nothing beats fresh fish, cold beer and fine wine with friends and family.

                                                                BBQ snapper, mmmmmmm

So with a week back home before I head back to work, hopefully I might get a few more figures done. All though the weather forecast states 35C all week so maybe a few more beers by the pool.

I ordered the 2 latest Wargames Illustrated magazines and a new pack of the Perry's plastic medieval figures before I went on holidays so fingers crossed they may arrive next week to give me some incentive.


  1. That fish looks good eating. Very nice.

  2. Wow - that looks tasty - mighty fine fish you caught. Dean

  3. Great catch!

    Glad you had a lovely break away.


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