Monday, November 1, 2010

More Romans

Its getting harder to complete figures as work picks up this time of year and the days are getting warmer. 32C today and a lazy 36C tomorrow, but I have managed to produce the second unit of my slowly growing Republican army.
A unit of Principes using Renegade figures. The figures were given a couple of highlights before army painter was used to give a slightly dirty look.
I've opted for plain red shields for my first two legions, (2 x Hastati, 2 x Principes & 1 x Triarii) and depending on how they look I may do the next two as Latin Allies with some type of shield design,
if and when I get that far.


  1. Very nice work Guido. And as usual your basing is superb.

  2. Thanks for your comments gentlemen.

  3. A nicely painted unit.
    Great basing.