Sunday, October 24, 2010

4600pts Republican V's Seleucid

The lads came around Friday night for a game of Republican V's Seleucid WAB. This was used as a lead up to a Magnesia refight (12,000 pts) that hopefully will be played next month sometime. With roughly 4600 pts aside (give or take a few 100) a large number of figures took to the field, including my 10 velites. (have to start somewhere!!). We fought across a 8 x 6 table with 4 players aside.

A great evening had by all and many thanks to the boys for providing the figures, especially Paul who fielded all the Seleucids. (gotta love the elephants and scythed chariots). The figures used were produced by a number of manufactures including Aventine, Gripping Beast, Old Glory and Renegade to name a few.

The battle opened with the Seleucids storming across the field but coming a little to close to the Roman left flank which provided an opportunity for the Hastati to charge the heavy cataphracts who promtly lost the combats.

This was a disaster for the nearby Seleucids and created a general rout in the area.

 The Romans smelt an early victory and surged forward but over extended their lines.

At this point those magnificent armoured beasts saw the opening they were waiting for and commenced to scatter the whole Roman left flank.   

In the meantime the pike units marched onwards but one was promptly flanked and destroyed   

On the Roman right flank, one elephant was sent packing by the Cretan archers, however one remained and the pikes closed in. The cataphracts rallied and the Seleucids came on again!!

At this point I forgot to take any further photos as I was controlling the units getting charged by the pikes coming off the hill on the Roman right flank (to much excitement). In a nut shell one of the Hastati broke causing the mounted Tribune to panic. He fled 18", what a time to roll 3 six's. So much for a Senator's son. The remaining Roman units all passed and decided enough was enough. 
The following turn a pike unit broke and fled and was then rear ended whilst still fleeing by a stampeding
With that we called it a night. Thanks to the lads, Claude, Cookie, Matin & Paul (Seleucids) and Carlo, Chris and Steve (Romans).

PS. My only painted unit (velites) managed to bring down one phalangite before retiring behind the battle line.Does that make them veterans?


  1. Excellent post! Great photos, get more close-ups please.

    Sad that I missed out. Oh well... as you said "Happy wife, Happy life"!

  2. A very impressive game - great looking mini's. Thanks for the AAR.

    Looks like I've got a lot more Romans to paint to keep up!