Thursday, October 14, 2010

15mm WW2

Back again!!  Since I haven't done any painting as of late I thought I'd post my collection of German 15mm figures that I painted earlier this year. I didn't intend to paint any more 15mm, but once again I was weak and succumbed to the evil influences of my associates. Thanks Beccas!!!!!

Displayed is my small German force to be thrown against the Belgians and French. We will be using "Blitzkreig Commander" rules and I am a little bit worried because some of those French AFV's are quite scary.

Still using my ancient camera, so apologies for the quality of the photographs. (If only I could get my old "Steel Panthers" computer game going) 


  1. what what i can see so far there's some nice painting going on, you've made a good start with the blog, the fun part is keeping it going i look forward to poping in now and again
    Cheers Galpy

  2. Thanks Galpy, I'll try to keep it updated but must grab the brush again soon.