Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ancient German warband No5

Another warband finished and a wee bit of rebasing.

 After much deliberation I've settled  on my basing sizes. (Is this where I place my disclaimer)  Cavalry will now be on 120mm x 80mm and the warbands on 120mm x 60 and 60mm x 60mm.

This allows for any changes in grid sizes when using the "To the Strongest" rule set.

The cav was a pain to remove and rebase but achieved it without damaging the figures.

 Thinking maybe I should have made the warband bases slightly deeper as I'm currently painting a few Romans, as a break from the Germans, and the figures are from Black Tree Miniatures which are quite large. As a result they look great on a 60mm depth base which is the same as the Germans.

Maybe I'll just combine two warbands to give the impression of depth, Bugger, I'll have the purchase more figures.

Anyway, this is the completed Ancient German hoard so far. Will have to get them to the club sometime for a game and maybe combine with another German tribe for the evening.

Lacking a few lights sub-generals at this stage.


Presently on the painting desk.


  1. These warbands look beautiful and fierce, well done!

  2. Doing well - these are really nice. May they crush those pesky Romans...

  3. Loving the Germans. Your post reminded me I once bought a small amount of BTD EIR romans in cloaks. I dug them out and they are nice. Then i checked BTD website...when did BTD get so expensive?

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