Sunday, July 2, 2017

On & Off the paint table

Finally got my arse back into gear and started to prepare the next lot of ancient Germans that I NEED to paint. These figures are all 'Black Tree Miniatures' I purchased a year or so ago.

After watching  roll out his Germans and punch out his 'War of the Roses" figures I thought I had better get moving. 

Although I have been getting side-tracked lately, (don't we all), and decided to put a few green skins to the brush.

 I was only going to do ten but a few more have crept onto the desk.

 Friday night was a fantastic 'War of the Roses' game using Andrew's figures. Again we moved the figures around utilising  Simon Miller's great rule set - "To the Strongest"

160pts armies and the game took about 3hrs with 2 players aside - although we did stop for a food break.

I did intend to take a few more photos, but got wrapped up in the game.

Thanks once again Andrew for the use of the miniatures, hope you had a good time . how many ancient Germans do I have!!!!!!

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  1. Lovely looking game. And good luck with the Germans!