Friday, March 17, 2017

Republican V's Pyrrhic

Apologies in advance re the quality of the photos. Lads can over for a game of "To the Strongest" last night. Usually foes faced off - Polybian Roman versus Pyrrhic.
Two aside and myself running the rules. This time we used the updated Roman list using the Roman line relief rules and terrain placement from the rule book.

 After first turn where the armies conducted march moves towards each other. A couple of units left behind. Stratagems were used resulting in one Pyrrhic command backing up forcing the commander off the table, (he returned shorty after) and a unit of Pyrrhic slingers appearing behind the Roman lines.
 Escorted elephant advances towards the Roman lines ready to make amends for past failures.
 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention "Happy St Patrick's Day". So a couple of quick Guinness's before the game. And a few more throughout. actually quite a few, well ok, a lot really.
 Yes.......the slingers were throwing STONES at the opposition. They didnt manage to achieve anything of note during the game although they were eyeing of the Roman baggage/camp.
 The armies clashed with the Romans making headway on the far flank with their cavalry.
 The Romans managed to get the first blows in disordering a few of the pike units. It was a bit of a pushing match in the centre for both sides. The new Roman line relief rules gave the smaller Roman units a bit of staying power, although in the centre a unit of legionaries was destroyed by missile fire.
 I think we were doing the Roman line relief rules correctly.----- ie the line exchange only occurs in the Romans activation (turn). So in this case with the incoming missile fire the Romans didn't have time to exchange lines. I'll have to check this with Simon Miller (author of the rules) to make sure we are doing this ok.
 Even with the one loss the Romans smashed the far flank and started to move behind the Pyrrhic army, victory was in sight. Then disaster struck................the Pyrrhic elephant and cavalry both destroyed the Romans units facing them on the closest flank and the game was up for grabs.
 But one roman general had had enough and quickly made a grab for the undefended baggage thus putting an end to the upperty Epirot's. The Pyrrhic commander was not amused and commended on the ungentlemanly attack on the camp.
 The final placements of units upon finishing the game. Once again Rome is master of the field.
Great game and great rules that make gaming fun and easy to achieve results..........even with a few drinks throughout.  Happy St Pat's Day.


  1. Looks great Guido - I'lllook in the mail for my invite 😉

    1. Sorry Carlos, next time you are on the the list. Just make sure you can make it!!

  2. Typical Roman aristocrat - always an eye for the loot...

    1. Cheers Caliban. Always watching your progress. Great collection. Hurry up and come to Western Australia.

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