Saturday, January 30, 2016

40K Apocalyptic Game

40K Apocalyptic Game
Just to carry on from the last post re 40K, my son arranged a small 40K Apocalyptic Game between his associates and mine. As it turned out it was 5 V's 4, mind you the 4 would be well fortified with beer and whiskey. (I know, looking at that shirt you can really tell this would be a serious game.) 

The good guys (us) were Imperial Guard, armoured and infantry companies,  Marine Raven Wing and Necrons. Yeah I realise Necrons are usually bad guys........But!!!
The board was set out using two 6 x 4 boards connected by a 2 x 4 "bridge". Actually it was a good excuse to get a huge amount of figures on the board. I was going to give a turn by turn account of what occurred, (lots of arrows and inserts)(see picture 1) but this is 40k after all and not real war-gaming!! 

Anyway, the good guys deployed and moved.

Then all hell broke loose, as we thought we had run out of beer!!!. .....err I mean the evil Grey Knights conducted a 'deep strike' behind out forces. I think they lasted two turns.

Don't ask me about the head wear, obviously an English and South African thing!

 Back to the game, Eldar, not to be outdone by the Knights also landed troops in our rear zone and quickly spotted a brave Imperial Guard commander hidden in the shadows. (It was in shadow before the flash of my camera revealed him)
 Lucky for him an Imperial tank drove onto the board and dispersed the evil blue feathered creatures.
 The Tyranids tried the same trick but were also vanquished.
 The Orks couldn't help themselves and stormed the crossing presenting a perfect target for the Imperial artillery. Meanwhile in the skies overhead raged multiple dogfights between the fliers.
 All I could say was "I glad someone knew all these rules!!)

Imperial aircraft lining up for strafing runs. The goodies were having fun.
 Yep, I even got to use the Imperial Baneblade to smash a few more Orks.
A great night had by all with a heap of laughs..............I think we finished about 1.30 in the morning with a win for the good guys.. Not bad for a 4 o'clock arvo start. After going over all the photos this lot were the least offensive.

Probably a good thing that this ran dry.


Friday, January 29, 2016

I'm back!!

Well, believe it or not I'm still around, haven't blogged since Dec 2014 so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2014 and 2015.

I had been keeping an eye on the multitude of blog entry's over the year but didn't manage a single entry myself. (age, lazyness, family, life, etc take your pick).  This didn't mean that I wasn't purchasing, gaming, purchasing, painting and a wee bit purchasing throughout this period.  I'll touch on this a little later.  

I managed to apply some paint to these two figures belonging to my young bloke. Not being a huge 40K gaming, they were a small change from what I have been working on.
Played a few games of 40K recently and the best thing is I don't have to consult the rules as my recently turned 18 year old can rattle them off at the drop of a hat. I'll post a few pictures of a recent game we had a crack at.
This year my main concentration has been trying to complete my Carthaginians, again I'll post what I have completed in the near future.
Cheers, Guido.