Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Volscian miniatures from Aventine, shield designs from LBM.

The Roman-Volscian wars were a series of wars fought between the Roman Republic and the Volsci, an ancient Italic people. Volscian migration into southern Latium led to conflict with that region's old inhabitants, the Latins under leadership of Rome, the region's dominant city-state. By the late 5th century BC, the Volsci were increasingly on the defensive and by the end of the Samnite Wars had been in incorporated into the Roman Republic. The ancient historians devoted considerable space to Volscian wars in their accounts of the early Roman Republic, but the historical accuracy of much of this material has been questioned by modern historians.*

From Wikipedia

This unit should really be used against my Romans but I think I will be using it as a Roman ally against my Phyrrics.
 I guess they could be utilised as a generic medium infantry unit in my 'Command & Colors' games.