Sunday, August 3, 2014

Aventine Thureophoroi

Once again I've amazed myself and completed another unit..............well nearly another unit...........I'll explain later.
These great figures are from Aventine miniatures and the paint job and shoddy photography was done by myself. The photos were taken using a Nexus7, I might stick with the camera next time.

The inspiration came from BigRedBat, nwhistoricalwargames, and other fellow bloggers and gamers (Chris). Thanks lads.

Now, as to nearly completing the unit, you will notice one figure missing. This is because I couldn't fit 4 figures on a 40mm x 40mm base. (To many cloaks)  So instead of a 24 fig unit with 8 wide and 3 deep I now have 25 figs with 10 wide and 3 deep. So lucky I had a spare figure.

For gaming purposes I will go by base size, so the unit will fight as a 30 figure unit. Not bad, larger unit with less figures. (Obviously this will depend on whom I game with!)



  1. They look great! I love what you've done with them.

    Have you downloaded Picasa? It is very handy for cropping photos, and adjusting the lighting of the images. Also a cheap eBay light tent helps with the shadows.

    Best, Simon

    1. Thanks Simon, I might look into Picasa. I usually try to photo outside, (once every 3 months), but finished work a little late tonight.
      You have a great blog, keep up your fantastic work.
      Cheers, Pete.

  2. Very nice work Guido - they look sensational. When will we see them down at the club? Aventine make some spectacular figures!

    1. Cheers Carlos, Aventine minis are fab. Will be at the club sometime soon. Visiting the south side boys this week for a game of FOW.

  3. They look great - nice colors and composition. Aventine makes some of the nicest Successors around.

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