Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Australian Wargames Convention - CANCON 2013

Travelled a lazy 3000 odd kilometers from Perth to Canberra last week to attend the Australian Wargames Convention - CANCON 2013, with my son and friends from our Perth club, Napoleonic Wargaming Society. I have to admit ---- it was a lot larger than I thought it would be.

Should have taken a lot more photographs than I did, but I sure there will be others posting similar shots of the event. The event covered competitions in FOW, Warhammer, DBMM, FOG and Bolt Action just to mention a few.  There was also a plethora of trade stalls, card gaming areas and bring and buys.

As I was mainly interested in historical 28mm, the games that interested me were a couple of the participation games, and the one that really stood out was a Franco-Prussian War demonstration put on by Doc of  Doc's 'Art' of War . and his partner in crime Doug.

Stevo from Perth, my son and a very serious looking Doc - (obviously casualties on the Prussian side.)

Doug and Doc ran two fantastic participartion games over the weekend which involved a number of members of the public including  quite a few of the younger generation, which was very pleasing to see. ( No magic or lasers here, mate. Not that there is anything wrong with that!!)

The other games of note covered Zulu's V's those blokes in the red coats and a War of the Roses game.

Picked up a few goodies while wandering around, but thats another story.  A great time had by all.


  1. 3000km!!!!!!!, nice pictures and report and a face to put with the "Doc" as well!

  2. 3000km!! Good grief!! We moan about driving 200 miles to a show, now that's dedication !

  3. I thought the participation games were excellent too.

    Next year lets make sure we meet up for a chat!

  4. You should have told me you were Guidowg - always great to meet fellow bloggers! Your son did a great job kicking those French schweinhund out of the vineyard - no easy task considering his opponent! Thanks for the compliments on our game (and the photo of me having a heatstroke) - Doug and I thoroughly enjoyed presenting it and glad to meet all you Sandgropers that came all the way over from WA with Carlo. Pity we couldn't manage a win for the French - even with Cookies' arsey dice rolling!


  5. 3000km's -------------- nah, thats just a trip around the corner here down-under. Only 4hr flight.

    Paul and Doc, yep I probably should have mentioned we were heading over, it would have been good to meet other bloggers face to face. Definitely will do next time.