Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What have I done!!

Oops, seemed to have gone a bit overboard..................and made a small purchase from a nice chap on E-bay.  I havent really been into warhammer 40k and to tell the truth I probably never would have gotten around to painting any figures I purchased.
 This is all the result of a gaming friend of mine, I wont mention any names but, thanks Scullmiester http://scullmeister.blogspot.com.au/ 
 Anyway, I believe my young bloke is slightly interested, so there are a few other 40k figures in the post, Eldar, I hope. Sometimes its hard enough explaining historical figures to none wargames, let alone space monsters.
 By the way Sculls, I think I've overshot the 500 point mark a wee bit.
 Back in the real world I'm still trying to finish some Aventine pike, but as mentioned in a previous blog, summer is here at present so all painting is in slow motion. (and just returned from a 4 day trip to Rottnest Island, annual boys trip, so didnt see much of the island except the pub and the bays where we anchored the boat) Still recovering, this age thing is a killer! 
 I'm mixing and matching a couple of painting methods with this lot, (dipping and straight 3 layer method) depending on the colour of the tunics.
So hopefully I'll complete them soon................................................that could mean in a month or so.


  1. Some great painting on them Greeks!! Beautiful shields!!

  2. Good work even with the Tyranids, well that's what I've heard they're called.....

  3. Thanks lads, but the shields are LBM and the Tyranids came already painted.........just have to finish a few off..................sometime.

  4. How can anyone stand up to that 'tide' of Tyranids!

  5. Keep those Tarentines coming, Pete!

  6. Very nice models those from Aventine; I like a lot your choice of colours and expect to see them finished.

    Best regards.