Friday, February 3, 2012

Medieval Clash of Empires

Finally managed to get my arse into gear and make a post on this blog. Nothing really to show from the painting table, BUT...............did have a wee game in the loft using the new Clash of Empires rules. A good excuse as any to have a few beers and catch up with the lads.
 We laid out a 10' x 6' board and arranged for a head to head slogging match between a couple of late medieval armies, predominately WotR  v's a mix of Swiss, French and others.
The figures were provided by Paul and Andrew, as I only have a bucket of UNPAINTED late medieval figures. (maybe one day!!) So thanks a million boys for supplying the troops.
 The other players were Steve, Claude, my son Jake & his mate Glenn and myself. Although I think the young blokes got a bit bored during the afternoon as it didn't quite play as quick as online "Call of Duty".
 The guys arrived from 8.30am and the figures were set up and ready to advance by 10ish. We wrapped up at about 6pm, so a few hours of gaming minus a hour or so for a lunch break.
I don't know the amount of points used as this was a "throw the figures on the board and have a go" game to see how the rules handle a large game. All in all I believed  the game flowed very well.
 If you have played Warhammer Ancient Battles before then you will pick these rules up very quickly. (I look at them as WAB.3) with support.  
 I wont go into the battle itself as you can follow the photographs easily enough. At the end of the day both side had a bloody nose.......................all those longbow!!!...............I wasn't allowed to command any artillery on the day as in a previous game I managed to blow up my own gun and slaughter its crew....oops.

" The enemy have the hill"

 "I have the hill"

 The Swiss were very brave and marched through a storm of arrows, only to be crunched but heavily armoured men-at-arms.

Thanks for a great day boys, and next on the agenda.............Dark Ages.


  1. now thats what i call a game , there's a few figures on that there table. looks like you had a fun game

  2. Lovely looking game. I can only dream of such a table, but it doesn't stop me planning it!

  3. Great pictures and a bloody lot of figures....

  4. This looks like great fun, messy and brutal - good to see Swiss getting chopped up for a change!
    Good pictures and write, it seemed to ebb and flow in a way some games just don't!
    Have fun and keep these coming please,

  5. Great looking pictures, your armies are really impressive!