Thursday, November 24, 2011

Painting desk

Thought I'd drop in a quick post, was going to do it once I completed the unit I'm working on, (Tarentine cav), but that could be a little while yet.
Anyway heres a shot of my messy painting area, a few different items scattered around, even a few orks if you look close enough. The tarentines are there nearing completion, only took about 12months to get started.

Next is a few items some recently purchased from e-bay, I knew I should have kept away I hate that site, and a few others Ive had for a while which I intended to start on................................sometime.

The book "Victoria's Wars" I picked up from my local club. Not a bad read if your into that period. The figures are mainly ancients including Romans, Germans, Celts and Greeks. I'm sure you all know how it goes, paint 10 and purchase 100.
Happy painting!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Old Glory Greek peltasts

I was only recently boasting the other day how I havent been sick much this year........................famous last words, caught a cold/flu last week, so painting pretty much came to a halt.
But, I did manage to finish the below peltasts beforehand though. I believe they are Old Glory miniatures, chunkie arms but they should fit in fine. Shields are again LBM with some highlites added.

The next project will be completing the Aventine cavalry, before tackling the pike units I received from Keith at Aventine last week. I managed to make a start over the weekend.