Monday, October 24, 2011

Roman Commanders

Dont look now, but..................two posts in one month!!!!
Some new minis finished. Mind you, these figures have been sitting on the painting desk for a while now.

The mounted commanders  I received from Keith, at Aventine Miniatures some time ago, and the foot slogger is a spare Renegade mini I had laying around. Banner is a LBM design.

The CinC is mounted on a round base as I intend to use the new 'Clash of Empires' and its a good excuse to do mini dioramas. I probably would have used smaller round bases for the sub-generals but I didnt have any at hand and I had completed and based one of them a few months ago.
And yes, I think the banner belongs to a cav unit from a later period but hey!, it suits me!


  1. The look wonderful. Bases look nice too.

  2. They look great to me, really nice work.

  3. 2 in a month, what's going on!!!!
    Great painting, the figures look excellent, so does the banner!!

  4. Nice painting. And I really like the round command bases.

  5. Nice command groups. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. Best, Dean

  6. Lovely work on a period I love.



  7. Thanks for commenting everyone. Nice rainy day here so good excuse to carry on painting. Oct may be a good month yet for finishing a few miniatures.