Monday, October 17, 2011

Dark Age Plastics

Only 4 months since last post so I should be able to produce a truck load of painted such luck.  I had a grand fishing trip up north with a few mates back in July and since then wargaming and painting has dropped off the agenda. I did get a bit bogged down with the WoTR figures and I think I needed a change.

In order to get back into the painting mood I decieded to have a crack at the Wargames Factory  viking bondi set which I had purchased a while back.

As these were dark ages figures I used Army painter on them to quicken the process and give an overall dirty feel to the unit. Just had to manage the assembly step first.

Block paint the figures, cover with Army painter, a few highlights, a couple of LBM  shield designs and hey presto a new bondi unit.

For plastics I was happy with the overall results but I still prefer metals myself. Although this dosent stop the purchase of any new plastic box sets just so I can have a gander at them.

Anyway, they did the trick as since completing them Ive finished some Aventine Roman commanders and started a few Greek peltasts. Oh yeah, Ive also managed to purchase a truck load of new unpainted know how it goes, paint one and buy three to replace it on the pile!!!!.


  1. Good grief, they turned out well, really great work.

  2. Great looking unit - I'm a big fan of the Little Big Man shield transfers! They really make a unit standout.


  3. Wow- its taken me all year to put 4 boxes of these together - great job!!!

  4. Bloody hell, they look superb!!!!Perhaps you need to stop gaming and blogging again for a couple of months if you turn out a unit like them!!!!

  5. Thanks for the comments lads but I believe its the magic of "Army painter" that produces these results espically for warband/dark age units. Certainly for quick results.

  6. They look great! Happy to hear of your excellent results. I've used a similar method on recent projects - block paint & "dip" - with good results. No arguing the speed of getting nice figures ready for battle. Best, Dean

  7. The blog lives. Great looking unit there.