Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Roman Light Infantry & allies

A couple of shots of a Cretan archer unit I quickly painted up last week. I received the figures (foundry I think) from a friend of mine. Thanks Martin.
A was going to spent a bit more time on them, but they only ever last a turn or two on the board.

 I had a few remaining velites so I decided to finished these as well. Now gives me a total of 20. One conversion with the sword.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WAB on a Sunday

Headed off to Cookie's house a weekend or so ago to partake in a Dark-Age WAB fiesta. Cookie cooked up a BBQ for lunch, which we washed down with a few cold beers, and we made a day of it.

We didnt work out any points between the armies, it was just a matter of throwing on the table what we had with us. As it turned out, there were a hell of a lot of Vikings so we suggested the game represent a second Viking invasion shortly after 1066 V's a combined army of Normans and Saxons.

What a blood fest, the game started at 9 in the morning  and we called it quits at about 6pm. Victory seemed to be leaning towards the combined Norman/Saxon army. Even though we used WAB, this size of game would probably have flowed a lot quicker with the new "Hail Caesar"  rules.  Guess I'll have to try them sometime as I recently purchased them along with "Clash of Empires". Both sets look OK.

Figures were from a number of manufacturers, with even a few plastics thrown in. (Much to Cookie disgust!!) 

Thanks Cookie, great day had by all.