Monday, March 28, 2011

Movement on the painting table and review.

Well finally managed to move some figures off the painting table, this summer weather has just slowed me right down even with the air conditioners on. One of the bonuses of the hobby I guess, is that it can be shelved any time for extended periods of time. The finished unit is the triarii for the Republican Roman. I just sprayed them with varnish so I'll post them with the rest of the legion very soon.

But I thought I'd do a quick post re some goodies that arrived recently. The first are four  Battle Front  (Flames of War) models purchased from Maelstrom in the UK. 2 x Panzerbefehlswagen's for command and 2 x 15cm SIG33's to hammer the French and Belgians. These may well be the last FOW figures for me because Maelstrom isnt stocking them anymore as Battle Front have had a falling out with them. Details explained on the Maelstrom site.

I find Maelstrom still one of the best stockist on the market, particularly since they have free post and usually discount their stock.  

The next item I received was a quantity of road sections from Miniature World Maker in South Australia.     I've toyed with the idea of making some myself but have enver found the motivation. In the end for a couple hours overtime I decided to grab these.
They are made of latex rubber and come painted and flocked. They have a huge selection of assorted  scenery on their site catering for all scales. .   

The package I received was a,- Dirt Track - no verge - 2 inch - sand. For $80.00 you get 13 pieces. I also grabbed a Dirt road 4ft x 2 inch (sand) for an extra $23.50 plus a of flock . Great products at a terrific price if you ask me, 8ft plus of road for only $100. 
I've  placed a couple of FOW vehicles to demonstrate the scale.

Being made of latex they are flexible, so can be laid over hills if need be. See the top photo.

I originally intended to only use them for desert terrain but they don't look to out of place for the European setting. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Anyway that's it for now, hopefully I'll post before another 2 months lapse.




  1. They look good mate and will do for nearly any theatre of war,good to hear you're still about.

  2. Some of the nicest vehicles around at the time.

    Looking forward in see the finished product.


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