Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Did a bit more painting yesterday between the chores from the wife as I had the day off work, (car washing, lawn mowing etc) so the unit of Principes is slowing progressing. A bit of highlighting, army painter followed by final highlights and wolla!!, oh yeah and the shields. Mmmm also basing and flocking,......... maybe a have a while to go yet!!

Anyway, during a short break from the painting I decided to see which figures to use as my Triarii. These are Renegade Principes miniatures also but differed from the above principes by having feathers in the helmets. The actual Triarii figures from Renegade are all in the kneeling pose and that didnt suit me.

I had to bend their arms to hold the thrusting spears upright otherwise they were all in a throwing pose. Only one poor chap came a cropper and lost his arm. The thrusting spears are from Gripping Beast out of a Carthaginian box. (Just wondering if I should use steel spears instead of lead)
Not sure whether to make them 12 or 16 strong as yet. Any thoughts? All the principes and hastati have 12.


  1. Nice progress. As for lead spears and flag poles - I've never had much luck with them and replace them with either brass wire or really narrow piano wire. It makes the figures a lot more durable on the table top and easier to transport.

    Of course, using wire spears means you will get stuck a few times moving your troops across the table. Sadly, this seems to happen to me more often after a few beers. I'm convinced it's because my troops are jealous that they did not receive a beer ration. Yes, I'm sure that's the reason.


  2. Make them 16 strong...4 lines of 4...would make a nice square block...solid looking. Mid you...weren´t they deployed in lines 3 deep?
    I´d use steel spears as well, band the tips flat with a hammer. cut into a spearhead shape ( old scissors are fine for doing this) cut to length.
    It would be a pain to paint them and have to keep straightening the bent tin spears.

  3. Thanks for the input. I might see if I have some steel lengths about. Your right, better to spend the extra time now than having to repair them in the future.

    Beer?..........did someone mention beer?

  4. My Allied Triarii unit will be 12, but there is some wisdom in making your best unit a little 'harder'.

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