Thursday, November 11, 2010


Not much to report, other than I'm still purchasing more figures than I'm painting.............I'm sure I made a notation somewhere that I was going to cease this behaviour.
Anyway, phoned UK tonight and put an order in for a load of AVENTINE Republican Romans. Mainly cav, well come to think it, its all cav and a couple of LBM transfers, cheers Keith. I'll post a couple of snaps of them when they arrive. I've also ordered a couple of packs of ARTIZAN Aussies from NORTHSTAR.

So with additional figures en route I've been trying to maximise my output. I based up my first unit of Hastati today and I'll post some photos of them over the next day or two. This is a shot of the second Hastati unit underway. Thought I would also increase my velites by an extra 2 as well.

These are the two velites concerned, so just need a quick coat of 'Army Painter' and shields and should be good to go. The second Hastati unit are again all RENEGADE figures with the exception of the unit leader.

This fine upstanding gentleman is from AVENTINE. I believe hes from a Latin Allied command pack which I received it from a friend of mine, cheers Sculls. I thought the figure would make a nice change in the Hastati ranks as all the renegade commands are the same. I'll have to give him some special attention. (I mean the figure, not Sculls). Well enough of this nonsense, time for chores before I'm in trouble.


  1. Yes everyone, I am married and not looking for any special attention from Guido :)

    Forget the chores, get back to painting!

  2. I am looking at your paint-pot holder or whatever it is called. ;) Did you make it yourself? And if so how did you make it?

  3. Still painting!!!

    Hein, the "paint pot holder" is a home made job. A friend of mine bought something similar from a company, (I cant recall the name), but it held 20 pots on a four tier level. Cost about 20-30 dollars. My 70yr old father made this one, it holds 55 pots.

  4. Thanks. This inspires me to built one myself.

  5. aventine seems to me as the best producer of new metal figures. They look just nice.