Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magnesia cont...

As mentioned earlier, playing on a Sunday gave us ample time to complete this game which took roughly 8.5 hrs give or take a bit for lunch etc.
A few more shots of the armies facing each other.

One of the Seleucid Generals giving his troops the pre-battle speech, either that or its aa ancient war dance.

With a roll of the dice, the Seleucids would stall for two turns. This gave the Romans the chance they needed, so a general advance was given along the line.

The light infantry joined combat along with the Roman allied Pergamene general who charged into a large unit of Elymaian archers on the far left Seleucid flank.

Right flank of Roman line showing Pergamene allies confronting the vastly numbered Seleucid hoards.

With the light infantry duel going in favour of the Seleucids, the main Roman line entered combat. With the Selecuids so tightly packed, everytime a unit broke from combat the effects were far reaching as fleeing units disrupted others. Whole pike units fled off the field without a Roman coming near them, not to mention the odd cataphract unit as well.

The elephants were yet to see combat and the scythed chariots were having little effect.

With the Roman left flank gaining ground every turn, it was just going to be a matter of time. The far right Roman legion turned to assist the hard pressed allies who were putting up a valiant fight but the numbers were beginning to tell.

Eventually the Roman left flank took control with units reaching the board edge and catching the enemy Army Standard Bearer in combat, (after the elephant at the bottom of the picture smashed my roman unit to a pulp, brave lads as they held out for a few turns). The center phalanx units were falling back and 3 elephants suddenly went berserk

This was how the game finished. We could have fought on but the Romans had the advantage at this stage and as it was 7pm Sunday night we decieded to wrap it up with the Romans taking VICTORY!!!.

The Pergamene Allies played a big part in delaying the left Seleucid wing and thus gave the Romans time to destroy the Seleucid right.

Great game lads.  



  1. Excellent looking game and love to see all that fine 28mm out on the table top. I try to do the same with my battles.....lots of figures and a big table.

    Love to see more games that size.



  2. Cheers Vinnie,.
    Yep, I like the social side of gaming, the more players the better in my book .(Any excuse for a beer!) The large games look great whether you win or lose and are always a grand spectacle.

  3. Wow! I totally missed this awesome post. I noticed only while perusing TMP's Ancient Battle Reports forum. I will be returning to glean more info on this battle. Might be able try it out, on a far more modest scale, sometime in the future. Regards, Dean