Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Romans

I received an order from Keith at AVENTINE Miniatures ( ) the other day which consisted of a unit (12) of Roman Cavalry, a unit of Tarentine cav (12)  and two mounted command packs which consisted of three figures in each pack.
My first thoughts were, these are absolutely fantastic miniatures! The sculpting is very clean and crisp with next to no flash at all. I'm hoping my painting does them justice because my photography didn't.

The unit comes with shields and spears but I replaced the spears with my own with are actually steel pins, no chance on bending now.
Ive just finished another Hastati unit, which I'll post soon, and I intended to completed the Triarii and the 2nd Principes unit so the legion would be complete.....BUT!!!! the cavalry has arrived.   

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magnesia cont...

As mentioned earlier, playing on a Sunday gave us ample time to complete this game which took roughly 8.5 hrs give or take a bit for lunch etc.
A few more shots of the armies facing each other.

One of the Seleucid Generals giving his troops the pre-battle speech, either that or its aa ancient war dance.

With a roll of the dice, the Seleucids would stall for two turns. This gave the Romans the chance they needed, so a general advance was given along the line.

The light infantry joined combat along with the Roman allied Pergamene general who charged into a large unit of Elymaian archers on the far left Seleucid flank.

Right flank of Roman line showing Pergamene allies confronting the vastly numbered Seleucid hoards.

With the light infantry duel going in favour of the Seleucids, the main Roman line entered combat. With the Selecuids so tightly packed, everytime a unit broke from combat the effects were far reaching as fleeing units disrupted others. Whole pike units fled off the field without a Roman coming near them, not to mention the odd cataphract unit as well.

The elephants were yet to see combat and the scythed chariots were having little effect.

With the Roman left flank gaining ground every turn, it was just going to be a matter of time. The far right Roman legion turned to assist the hard pressed allies who were putting up a valiant fight but the numbers were beginning to tell.

Eventually the Roman left flank took control with units reaching the board edge and catching the enemy Army Standard Bearer in combat, (after the elephant at the bottom of the picture smashed my roman unit to a pulp, brave lads as they held out for a few turns). The center phalanx units were falling back and 3 elephants suddenly went berserk

This was how the game finished. We could have fought on but the Romans had the advantage at this stage and as it was 7pm Sunday night we decieded to wrap it up with the Romans taking VICTORY!!!.

The Pergamene Allies played a big part in delaying the left Seleucid wing and thus gave the Romans time to destroy the Seleucid right.

Great game lads.  


Monday, November 22, 2010


We gathered early on a Sunday morning in my loft, (always a hard ask for me after too many reds the previous night), and arrayed the armies of mighty Rome and her Pergamene Allies which faced off against the vast hordes of the Seleucid empire.8 elephants!!!! (Thanks to Chris Richard-Scully for the following photographs)

We had four generals and roughly 11,000 to 12,000 points per side. After setup, morning coffees, and friendly banter and greetings the game started at about 9.30 - 10.00. We concluded at 7.00pm.
Many thanks to the lads for playing and supplying figures, (Chris, Cookie, Steve, Dave, Paul, Claude and Martin) with special mention to Paul who organised the army lists and the game itself) I only managed to supply 3 small roman units, but one did survive the battle!!! 

I'll post the outcome in the near future 

Monday, November 15, 2010


Just a quick update on the figures I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Finished the AVENTINE figure but he hasnt been based as he's going to command a Hastati unit. Plus the two extra velites (Renegade) to increase the unit to 12. (little bit extra staying power)

"Right then, back to the painting board!! er, I mean back to the front you two!!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The army grows!

Finally finished my 3rd Roman unit. At least I'll have some figures on the board for the Magnesia re-fight in two weeks time.
Unit of Renegade Hastati. Only three more units of these little buggers to go!!! (Which means I also have 3 units of Principes, 2 Triarii & 1 unit of Velites. Oh yeah, and the cav. How could I forget those.)

My Republican Roman army so far. Slowly chipping away, beats me how some people churn out large quantities of great looking figures all the time. And I havent even been out fishing lately!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Not much to report, other than I'm still purchasing more figures than I'm painting.............I'm sure I made a notation somewhere that I was going to cease this behaviour.
Anyway, phoned UK tonight and put an order in for a load of AVENTINE Republican Romans. Mainly cav, well come to think it, its all cav and a couple of LBM transfers, cheers Keith. I'll post a couple of snaps of them when they arrive. I've also ordered a couple of packs of ARTIZAN Aussies from NORTHSTAR.

So with additional figures en route I've been trying to maximise my output. I based up my first unit of Hastati today and I'll post some photos of them over the next day or two. This is a shot of the second Hastati unit underway. Thought I would also increase my velites by an extra 2 as well.

These are the two velites concerned, so just need a quick coat of 'Army Painter' and shields and should be good to go. The second Hastati unit are again all RENEGADE figures with the exception of the unit leader.

This fine upstanding gentleman is from AVENTINE. I believe hes from a Latin Allied command pack which I received it from a friend of mine, cheers Sculls. I thought the figure would make a nice change in the Hastati ranks as all the renegade commands are the same. I'll have to give him some special attention. (I mean the figure, not Sculls). Well enough of this nonsense, time for chores before I'm in trouble.

Monday, November 1, 2010

More Romans

Its getting harder to complete figures as work picks up this time of year and the days are getting warmer. 32C today and a lazy 36C tomorrow, but I have managed to produce the second unit of my slowly growing Republican army.
A unit of Principes using Renegade figures. The figures were given a couple of highlights before army painter was used to give a slightly dirty look.
I've opted for plain red shields for my first two legions, (2 x Hastati, 2 x Principes & 1 x Triarii) and depending on how they look I may do the next two as Latin Allies with some type of shield design,
if and when I get that far.