Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Whats on the painting desk

Winter is heading our way, days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler and beer is changing from wheat to dark lagers.
Hopefully these means more gaming as I prefer to sit in the pool and drink when the days are 35 and above.

Anywho .......... whats on the desk at present...................

A 28mm laser cut French Chateau - just needs to be painted up.

15mm trench/dug-in markers for "Blitzkrieg Commander". Was going to purchase latex or molded trench systems but thought I would try making some myself. 1/4 round wood cut into assorted lengths and covered with ballast. We'll see what they paint up like.

2 x 28mm Carthaginian commanders and starting the last unit of Carthaginian troops.

Cheers, Guido.

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