Friday, July 12, 2013

Something to 'blog' about......

Finally got around to placing something on the old blog. Its only taken about 6 months........although I've been doing a bit of painting, just havent photographed anything.
I find if I dont paint I tend to stroll through those lists on e-bay, and we all know what that means.

Finished another unit for my Epirote army. I was intending to build 32 figure units but those extra 8 figures per unit are quite a mental hurdle to get over especially when it comes to my painting rate. So 24 is a  convenient number, maybe I could add another 8 figs sometime in the future. (yeah right!)

The next unit is now on the painting desk. Hopefully this lot wont take as long.

All figures are Aventine Miniatures.

My young bloke has now starting blogging. OMG I've created another geek in the family much to the dismay of SWMBO. Here's the address:
 Lair of SP1T-F1R3