Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roman Commander and friends.

Actually received a few hours worth of rain recently which had me confined to the house. This, plus a week off work, gave me the incentive to apply a little bit of paint to those neglected figures on the paint table.

 Roman commander for my Republicans, figure by Aventine Miniatures.

 Commander accompanied by a small unit of Balearic slingers. These are from Warlord games.

And finally, a few more vehicles for my side project, early war German WW2. 2 x SiG 33's 150mm infantry assault guns on PzKpfw I Ausf B chassis and 2 x Panzerbefehlswagen I command vehicles. FOW figures.

I think I'll finish off a small unit of Roman velites and maybe a Roman Army standard bearer next, although I have a been tempted to start some "War of the Roses" figures lately. Thanks Andy!!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roman Legion

Still haven't found my painting mojo!!, (includes blogging as well), even though the cooler weather is here. I've even had a couple of games lately and that hasn't really helped, although the games were great ----- Romans need a bit more training or at least some help from the dice gods.

Anyway as I've mention previously, here are a few of shots of my painted Romans so far. All the rest are still in the lead pile waiting.