Monday, October 25, 2010

WW1 ANZAC Infantry

I painted these figures up last year or maybe the year before, and as yet they havent fired a shot in anger.(Where is 'Johnny Turk', Paul?)  I believe I purchased them from Brigade Games and are a combination of ANZAC infantry and dismounted light horse with a few Poms thrown in. http://www.brigadegames./

I posted these after seeing in ...............................................................................................................
Doc's 'Art' of War  blog, his WW2 Aussies battling it out with the Japanese. One can never have enough Australian troops.......looks like it might be off the the Pacific. Now where to find good figures?????????

Sunday, October 24, 2010

4600pts Republican V's Seleucid

The lads came around Friday night for a game of Republican V's Seleucid WAB. This was used as a lead up to a Magnesia refight (12,000 pts) that hopefully will be played next month sometime. With roughly 4600 pts aside (give or take a few 100) a large number of figures took to the field, including my 10 velites. (have to start somewhere!!). We fought across a 8 x 6 table with 4 players aside.

A great evening had by all and many thanks to the boys for providing the figures, especially Paul who fielded all the Seleucids. (gotta love the elephants and scythed chariots). The figures used were produced by a number of manufactures including Aventine, Gripping Beast, Old Glory and Renegade to name a few.

The battle opened with the Seleucids storming across the field but coming a little to close to the Roman left flank which provided an opportunity for the Hastati to charge the heavy cataphracts who promtly lost the combats.

This was a disaster for the nearby Seleucids and created a general rout in the area.

 The Romans smelt an early victory and surged forward but over extended their lines.

At this point those magnificent armoured beasts saw the opening they were waiting for and commenced to scatter the whole Roman left flank.   

In the meantime the pike units marched onwards but one was promptly flanked and destroyed   

On the Roman right flank, one elephant was sent packing by the Cretan archers, however one remained and the pikes closed in. The cataphracts rallied and the Seleucids came on again!!

At this point I forgot to take any further photos as I was controlling the units getting charged by the pikes coming off the hill on the Roman right flank (to much excitement). In a nut shell one of the Hastati broke causing the mounted Tribune to panic. He fled 18", what a time to roll 3 six's. So much for a Senator's son. The remaining Roman units all passed and decided enough was enough. 
The following turn a pike unit broke and fled and was then rear ended whilst still fleeing by a stampeding
With that we called it a night. Thanks to the lads, Claude, Cookie, Matin & Paul (Seleucids) and Carlo, Chris and Steve (Romans).

PS. My only painted unit (velites) managed to bring down one phalangite before retiring behind the battle line.Does that make them veterans?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Romans

Finally got to put brush to figures today, not much mind you. Still chipping away at the Republicans, bottom four just need basing and a spray of matt. Have to find time to squeeze it between wife, 2 x kids and dog and lets not forget the fishing now that the warm weather is beginning.

Went out in the mates boat on Sunday, perfect day with massive rays hanging around, whales breaching within 50m and a couple of small sharks pulled on board. We released these little buggers. (Forgot the camera) Not much in the way of table fish but caught a bag of cod for bait to be used around new year when we target the big stuff..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

15mm WW2

Back again!!  Since I haven't done any painting as of late I thought I'd post my collection of German 15mm figures that I painted earlier this year. I didn't intend to paint any more 15mm, but once again I was weak and succumbed to the evil influences of my associates. Thanks Beccas!!!!!

Displayed is my small German force to be thrown against the Belgians and French. We will be using "Blitzkreig Commander" rules and I am a little bit worried because some of those French AFV's are quite scary.

Still using my ancient camera, so apologies for the quality of the photographs. (If only I could get my old "Steel Panthers" computer game going) 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Renegade Republican Romans

Well fancy that, a second post in under a month. I thought I'd show some Roman velites that I've been working on. This is the first unit in my future Republican army. So far all the figures for this project have been purchased from Renegade miniatures. Originally I wasn't going to enter into the 28mm ancient realm as most of my 28s are dark age and all my ancient armies are 15mm. Looks like the 15s will be off to e-bay soon.

As you can see I'm still working on my photography and I need a better camera. And .....I'm still learning how to drive this blog.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Post

Well, here it is, my first post on my first blog. Always thought I wouldn't go down this line but that's what I said about going from 15mm to 28mm. So now that I have decided to head in this direction I guess I should try to enter something  on here every now and then.
I started wargaming over 25yrs ago and have slowly collected miniatures over that period. I tend to paint whenever I have an opportunity but I'm not the quickest. I'm hoping to display my newest miniatures on this blog as I complete them so hopefully the gaps between postings wont be too large.
I'll also display a few of the games I'm involved in, such as the 28mm ACW game below.
And as with any wargamer, I always purchase more than I will ever paint, but new products are always so enticing. So hopefully I can provide a small review that may be helpful to those who reads this blog.
Well thats about it for now.............just need to get myself a decent camera.

One last thing, I'd like to thank Sculls for helping me set this site up.