Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Romans

I received an order from Keith at AVENTINE Miniatures ( ) the other day which consisted of a unit (12) of Roman Cavalry, a unit of Tarentine cav (12)  and two mounted command packs which consisted of three figures in each pack.
My first thoughts were, these are absolutely fantastic miniatures! The sculpting is very clean and crisp with next to no flash at all. I'm hoping my painting does them justice because my photography didn't.

The unit comes with shields and spears but I replaced the spears with my own with are actually steel pins, no chance on bending now.
Ive just finished another Hastati unit, which I'll post soon, and I intended to completed the Triarii and the 2nd Principes unit so the legion would be complete.....BUT!!!! the cavalry has arrived.   


  1. Wow, I want to see them painted, I really like those sculpts and have to buy some !!

  2. Yeah, they certainly are beautiful figures. I dont know how quick I'll paint them as cricket has started. The ASHES series, Australia versus England. So I'm off for a beer!!

  3. They do look favourite period of history which i have Badly neglegted recently.
    Looks like Australia is absolutely hammering england...enyoy your beer mate :-)