Saturday, November 13, 2010

The army grows!

Finally finished my 3rd Roman unit. At least I'll have some figures on the board for the Magnesia re-fight in two weeks time.
Unit of Renegade Hastati. Only three more units of these little buggers to go!!! (Which means I also have 3 units of Principes, 2 Triarii & 1 unit of Velites. Oh yeah, and the cav. How could I forget those.)

My Republican Roman army so far. Slowly chipping away, beats me how some people churn out large quantities of great looking figures all the time. And I havent even been out fishing lately!!


  1. Great work! The figures look excellent and you're churning them out, so I don't know what you're talking about. The uniform red shields works well and gives a cohesiveness to the look. Keep going!

  2. These look great. You should be proud of your work.
    Who cares for fishing.;)

  3. The army looks great - I like the shading, top-notch work! I think your rate of production is just fine - this is a hobby not a job!

    I look forward to hearing how your plucky Romans swept the field in the future refight of Magnesia.

  4. By Jupiter, nice work.


  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. Maybe it feels as though the pressure is on because of the up coming game. I usually just chip away, changing periods quite often.
    I think I'll paint up a couple of WWII Aussies when the figures arrive to give me a break from the Romans. (any good sites with paint colours Helen?)
    But we still need the fishing Hein, gives me an excuse for a few beers!!!