Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Romans

Finally got to put brush to figures today, not much mind you. Still chipping away at the Republicans, bottom four just need basing and a spray of matt. Have to find time to squeeze it between wife, 2 x kids and dog and lets not forget the fishing now that the warm weather is beginning.

Went out in the mates boat on Sunday, perfect day with massive rays hanging around, whales breaching within 50m and a couple of small sharks pulled on board. We released these little buggers. (Forgot the camera) Not much in the way of table fish but caught a bag of cod for bait to be used around new year when we target the big stuff..


  1. nice looking Romans! - who is the manufacturer?

    I have the same issue with painting time when the weather turns warm up on the northern hemisphere - that's when sailing season begins!

  2. Thanks Miles. These are Renegade, they're probably the largest of the 28's,so basing will be interesting but I do like them. I bought 120 odd in the buy four units of 24 and get five deal.

  3. Fishing - that ain't living. Get out and wargame.

  4. Have to get a better light for your photos. Good to see you painting again though.